Meet Valentina


Hello, I’m Valentina!

After many years of gratifying experience in the Londoner hospitality scene, I felt it was time to start my own thing, working for myself and for all those people who are looking for traditional Italian desserts in London.
So I launched Valentina’s Recipes in August 2016 to fulfill my desire to share the scents and flavours of my home.
The keyword to my work is simplicity: high quality products, no preservatives and good old time recipes… not lacking a touch of skillful creativity!
That’s enough for me to prove everybody how simple ingredients can turn into something both tasty and genuine.

 Nothing says “Home” like the smell of baking

Baking has always been a heartfelt passion for me and when I’m in my lab I get a special feeling: the excitement of a scientist who’s about to come up with something amazing that will change the world…

Well, my sweet treats might not change the world but I’m pretty sure they can make it a better place!